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We select the approach, according to which we work with our customers, very individually. We take care, we are basing solely on the most effective management methodology.


Our team works within agile and traditional methodologies.



Nearshore Model


Nearshore IT services combine economic benefits of a traditional offshore outsourcing with a closer cultural, linguistic and geographic fit to user organization. Our team will work with the Client to understand the business requirements, define the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle.


Nearshore Model is based in Zone IT’s location. You maintain ownership and control of your project without needing to commit your own capital or project resources. Zone IT keeps you abreast of project advancement through regular progress updates. This is especially beneficial when the Client’s requirements are not well defined and are expected to change during the course of the project. The offsite staff will be able to understand and accommodate those changes in a faster and better way into the project.


With the Nearshore Model, you receive high quality service and safeguards the intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications with very high levels of security. Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the completion of a project.




Benefits of Nearshore Model: